Tuesday 16 March 2021

National Children's Orchestra's of Great Britain: 2021 digital programme

The UK's national youth orchestras and ensembles have faced a combination of restrictions since March 2020, effectively halting all face to face activity since then, yet tt is vital for the children involved that they continue with something that is so intrinsic to their wellbeing. In 2020, in response to lockdown, the National Children's Orchestras of Great Britain (NCOGB) delivered its first ever digital programme. Building on the success of this, and following feedback from children and parents, NCOGB has announced its 2021 digital programme.

This year the course will be delivered via a specially created website, and there will be activities online from 9-5 every Sunday of term time as well as 'Live at 5' sessions every Thursday and Friday with some Wednesdays, too. All these sessions are managed by the 80+ NCOGB freelance professionals.

The London Symphony Orchestra will be running three days of sectionals over the Easter holidays, a new mentoring programme with musicians from the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain will be available for the older musicians, as well as sessions for the NCOGB parents with Stuart Mason & Dr Kadiatu Kanneh, the parents of the Kanneh-Mason children, reflecting the importance of creativity, child voice and well-being for the members.

On Thursday 1 July 2021 there will be a live stream on YouTube of the NCOGB Online multi-track concert On The Move written by Ryan Linham created especially for NCOGB with both the musical content and the visual content in mind. The live stream will also share some of the events and engagement that has happened over the 15 weeks

 Full details from the NCOGB website.

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