Wednesday 17 March 2021

Purcell and a Pint

Eboracum Baroque is back with Purcell and a Pint, an on-line event on 20 Marhc 2021 designed to transport you back to the alehouses of the 17th century when music making was part of the culture. Drinking songs, fiddle tunes and folk-songs would have been performed in taverns, and during the Interregnum playing in a tavern was often the only way for musicians to be able to earn money with theatres and playhouses closed. So we should not think of tavern music as necessarily rough an unsophisticated.

Henry Purcell wrote plenty of ribald rounds and catches which were clearly designed for the tavern and for all male entertainment. Some of the most (in)famous having an apparently innocuous text which becomes far less so when sung as a round.

Eboracum Baroque will be performing Purcell alongside other 17th century tunes and folk music. And the event is presented in collaboration with Calverley's Brewery so there will be virtual beer tasting too.

Eboracum Baroque - John Holland Avery (baritone), Nils Greenhow (tenor), Gareth Edmunds (tenor), Kirsty Main (violin), Miriam Monaghan (recorder), Miri Nohl (cello), Chris Parsons (trumpet), Seb Gillet (harpsichord).

Purcell and a Pint is at 7pm on 20 March 2021, full details from the Eboracum Baroque website.

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