Friday 29 April 2022

Hollow in the Tree: the first of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic's videos showcasing the talents of individual musicians as composers, producers & videographers

With its young musicians spread out across the ten Baltic nations, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic launched its Musical Chain series of videos in July 2020 as a way of bringing the musicians of the orchestra together virtually during lockdown. Last year, the series was extended to create the Producers Edition, inviting the musicians to create their own music and videos, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents as composers, producers, scriptwriters, sound engineers and videographers. After submitting their ideas for music and video projects, selected musicians collaborated in small teams to compose, produce their tracks and videos. At a dedicated recording session in Usedom, the composers worked with Kristjan Järvi and professional sound engineers to record their creations, and thus also leaning new skills.

The first of these to be released is Hollow in the Tree. Lithuanian violist Mintautas Kriščiūnas and Polish harpist Zuzanna Wąsiewicz have worked with electronic music, acoustic harp and the sound of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic. Whilst German tuba player Ludwig Angerhöfer responded to the flow and forward motion of the Hollow in the tree music with a video that captures the power of nature, and especially the energy of water, but also showcases the musicians of the orchestra.

Of course, the orchestra has not stopped live performances. In March this year, Kristjan Järvi directed them in their Nordic Swans tour of Belgium, Germany and Poland with Freedom and Solidarity Concert in Gdańsk to raise funds for Polish Red Cross to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland. In the Autumn, they will be performing Kristjan Järvi's reworking of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker on tour in September, including at the Usedom Music Festival, and also on a December tour of Switzerland. Further information from the orchestra's website.

Further information about Hollow in the Tree [link tree]

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