Friday 8 April 2022

Tiresias 2.0: in an open workshop at Stoller Hall, composer Dominic Matthews will present snippets of his new opera, and talk about his compositional journey

Dominic Matthews: Tiresias 2.0 - Stoller Hall, Manchester

Manchester-based composer Dominic Matthews is collaborating with librettist Sam Redway on a new opera, Tiresias 2.0 which Matthews describes as a 'climate change themed sci fi opera'. Matthews is something of an experimental composer and the new piece will be combining ancient and modern sounds to create both a contemporary and timeless soundscape.

On Easter Monday (18 April 2022), Matthews will be presenting a free drop-in workshop at Manchester's Stoller Hall to present parts of Tiresias 2.0. It won't be simply a presentation of excerpts, and Matthews will talk about his compositional journey, which has centred on exploring and combining ancient and modern sounds.

Ancient music specialist Mina Salama will bring a selection of Neys, a type of ancient Egyptian bamboo flute, as well as a vulture bone flute replica which has been created from a 30,000 year old design.  The workshop will also feature Royal Northern College of Music and University of Manchester Alumni performers alongside Mark Pilkington, an electro-acoustic performer, composer who is also director of the Manchester-based record label, Thought Universe Music. And mezzo-soprano Lehlin Thai will also be participating, helping develop the title role Tiresias 2.0, an immortal cyber prophet who remains on a post apocalyptic Earth to act as a warning beacon, repeating a message of mankind's destructive nature.

The Stoller Hall's Sounds of Nature is a celebration of music and the natural world, with live music events and workshops taking place throughout 2022. Tiresias 2.0’s themes complement current programming and the venue has generously part funded the workshop.

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