Friday 8 April 2022

Radiant Poison

Radiant Poison - Misha Penton from Misha Penton on Vimeo.

Soprano and composer Misha Penton has released a new EP, Radiant Poison. Set in a dream-world of city and ocean-scapes,  Radiant Poison is an exploration of our ephemeral, delicate bodies  against the sparkling and hidden worlds of natural and urban landscapes. The music is a complex multilayering of contributions (see Misha's note below), to create three tracks Visible Darkness, Shore Pines & Spider Silk and Radiant Poison which are available from Bandcamp, but Misha has also released videos, see her Vimeo channel.

Project Notes from Misha: 

Radiant Poison was created by composing and recording the multi-layers of voice first, focusing on an exploration of the sonority of my poetry. Then, electronic musician Chris Becker lent me beats and atmospheres to play with and his generosity gave me leeway to manipulate his tracks: to weave his sounds in and out of my voice layers—ebbing, flowing, emerging from, and receding into the many layers of my voice. Lastly, I sent these draft mixes to guitarist George Heathco, asking him to add his guitar tracks with free rein over his contribution. Once George sent me back his tracks, I used an exquisite corpse-like process to shape the final works. Todd Hulslander, at Houston Public Media, polished the final mix and mastered the recordings. 

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