Wednesday 18 May 2016

Hartmann’s Simplicius Simplicissimus staged by Independent Opera's latest Directing Fellow

Leigh Melrose - Biedermann and the Arsonists Independent Opera, 2015 - (c) Robbie Jack
Leigh Melrose - Biedermann and the Arsonists
Independent Opera, 2015 - (c) Robbie Jack
Independent Opera has announced its latest Director Fellowship. Director Polly Graham will staged the UK première of Karl Amadeus Hartmann’s Simplicius Simplicissimus, in a new English translation by David Pountney. (It seems amazing that such a seminal work has not yet made it to the UK). 

Polly Graham will received financial support, plus mentoring from David Pountney and Stephen Medcalf and Independent Opera will present her production of Simplicius Simplicissimus at the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler’s Wells on 11, 15, 17 and 19 November 2016.

Polly Graham was Welsh National Opera’s first Genesis Assistant Director (2012-2014) and her recent work there has included directing Iain Bell’s A Christmas Carol and working as Associate Director on his new work, In Parenthesis. Polly Graham commented "Independent Opera has given me wonderful encouragement from the start of the Fellowship; in supporting the production of Hartmann’s superb but little known opera, Simplicius Simplicissimus, they are allowing me to step into new territory and make work that I really believe in."

Independent Opera celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, and its new Director Fellowship, the largest of it's annual fellowships, enabled Max Hoehn to stage the UK première of Šimon Voseček’s Biedermann and the Arsonists with finance, support and mentoring from Independent Opera (see my review).

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