Tuesday 19 May 2015

Dobrinka Tabakova at OOTS

"High Line 20th Street looking downtown" by Beyond My Ken - Own work. Licensed under GFDL via Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:High_Line_20th_Street_looking_downtown.jpg#/media/File:High_Line_20th_Street_looking_downtown.jpg
High Line 20th Street looking downtown, New York
photo credit Beyond My Ken - Own work.
Licensed under GFDL via Wikipedia -
The composer Dobrinka Tabakova is currently resident composer with the Orchestra of the Swan (OOTS) and the group is performing three of Dobrinka Tabakova's works in May 2015. On 22 May 2015 they will be giving the world premiere of Dobrinka Tabakova's piece High Line, based on the new high-level garden in New York, for chamber orchestra, solo violin and jazz trumpet with the solo violin being played by Tamsin Waley-Cohen. Also in the programme will be Dobrinka Tabakova's Centuries of Meditation which is a previous OOTS commission. Then on 29 May, they are performing another of the works they have commissioned from her, Sonnets to sundry Notes of Music. 

Dobrinka Tabakova is not only resident with OOTS in Stratford and Birmingham, but she is a featured composer composer in this years Vale of Glamorgan Festival and we met up earlier this year to chat about her various activities, and you can read our interview on this blog.

You can find out more about OOTS concerts at the Orchestra of the Swan website.

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