Wednesday 19 January 2022

Armonico Consort celebrates its 20th anniversary with performances of new editions of music by the other Scarlatti, Francesco

Armonico Consort & Baroque Players
Armonico Consort & Baroque Players
Hands up all those who are familiar with the music of Francesco Scarlatti. Brother of Alessandro, uncle to Domenico, Francesco has rather disappeared into the maw of history. Born in 1685 he came to London in 1719, though not much music survives from this period and by 1724 he was in Dublin. 

Francesco's music helped to launch the Armonico Consort 20 years, with performances at Wigmore Hall and abroad. Now the ensemble is celebrating its 20th birthday by performing two of Francesco's sacred works in new editions by Dr Geoffrey Webber.  At Warwick Collegiate Church (29 January 2022) and Malvern Theatre (5 February 2022), Armonico Consort & Baroque Players, director Christopher Monks, will be performing Francesco Scarlatti's Dixit Dominus (from 1702) and Messe a 16 (from 1703) as part of a programme that includes violin concertos by Bach and Vivaldi with violinist Rachel Podger. 

Before the concerts Dr Webber will be giving a talk about Francesco Scarlatti and his wider family, where both male and female members of the family were working as musicians, often with colourful personal lives. 

And for those interested in the later Francesco Scarlatti, in 2002 a group of 12 sonatas by him were found written in one of the work-books of Newcastle composer Charles Avison (1709-1770). 

Full details from the Armonico Consort website.

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